What is AgriRewards?

AgriRewards is a deferred bonus scheme in terms of which Senwes allocates a large portion of its profits to customers on an annual basis in order to reward them for loyal business during the year. The bonus is paid out in the form of cash in the year in which the allocation runs out.

How does AgriRewards work?

The deferred bonus of each customer is determined annually on the basis of the extent of business done with Senwes during the year. This bonus is subject to specific rules, as announced for the year concerned. These rules in respect of qualifying business are determined and announced by the board of Senwes. The bonus for which customers qualify, is communicated after the end of the Senwes financial year. Participation is not automatic and customers have to specifically register to participate in the scheme.

Once a customer registers for the scheme, he/she will automatically remain registered for successive years and does not have to reregister, unless the customer chooses to deregister. The bonus is allocated per entity or individual and is not transferable to other legal persons.

The benefit of the scheme is that the customer will receive a year-on-year allocation if he conducts business annually with Senwes. In this manner the pool of bonuses will also grow year on year. Although the bonuses are not payable immediately, the bonus allocations can be used at current value as security at Agri Credit Solutions.

Who qualifies?

Any person who has registered for the scheme and who does business with any of the qualifying businesses, will qualify. Grain deliveries at Senwes Grainlink silos, grain sales to Senwes Grainlink, interest-bearing transactions at Agri Credit Solutions and purchases on new whole goods at Senwes Equipment received allocations over the past financial year. Transactions which will qualify for the 2021 financial year are:

  • Grain deliveries at Senwes Grainlink silos;
  • Grain sales to Senwes Grainlink;
  • Interest-bearing transactions at Agri Credit Solutions;
  • Purchases of new whole goods at Senwes Equipment.

Short Term Benefits?


Although the deferred bonus is a good long-term benefit for our customers, we've added immediate benefits as well, in the form of discounts on products, in order to add more value for our customers.

AgriRewards currently offer short-term benefits for registered customers in the form of discounts on the acquisition of new vehicles. Senwes, in co-operation with other suppliers, offers this discount on almost all the top brands in the industry (Toyota, Ford, Nissan, Isuzu, Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, VW, etcetera). Registered customers also have the option to trade in their current vehicles.

For more information regarding these offers, SMS the key word CAR to 31022 or send an e-mail to benefits@agrirewards.co.za.

The process is facilitated on behalf of AgriRewards members by the AgriRewards team. This process includes requests for quotations, obtaining trade-in prices, finalisation of transactions, registration of the vehicle as well as delivery of the vehicle.

The process works as follows:

  • Give us a detailed description of the vehicle you’re looking for
  • Supply details of all extras you require
  • Also supply us with the following contact information:
    • Name
    • Farm name
    • Email and phone number
    • Senwes client number
  • We will get a quotation on your behalf and send you the prices.
With trade-ins the process works as follows:
  • Forward the details of the vehicle you wish to trade-in (email to benefits@agrirewards.co.za or WhatsApp to 066 474 8888)
    • Full description (including details like gearbox, engine size, petrol/diesel)
    • Year model
    • Kilometre reading
    • Photos (interior, exterior and license disk)
  • We then send the above mentioned details to various dealers, receive offers and forward the best price to you.

To buy second-hand vehicles, please visit: https://senwes.mccarthy.co.za

2021 Bonus allocation


R50/ton for grain deliveries at Senwes Grainlink silos, R5/ton on grain procurement tons, 0,35% of average interest-bearing loans from Agri Credit Solutions and 3% of purchases on new whole goods at Senwes Equipment were allocated to bonuses for the 2021 financial year. Senwes has allocated an amount of R138 million for the financial year ended 30 April 2021.

How to register?


AgriRewards has a variety of registration options.

  1. Producers can firstly visit www.agrirewards.co.za and register online for the deferred bonus scheme, which is subject to acceptance of the terms and conditions.
  2. Producers can register for AgriRewards by sending an SMS with the words AgriRewards, followed by his ID-number, to 31022.
  3. A final option is to contact your nearest key account manager or procurer, who will take you through the registration process.


Registration for the 2021/2022 financial year bonus closes on 31 March 2022.